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Huge stocks for next day delivery

We have one of the biggest ranges of laminate flooring in North Wales available for immediate pick up or delivery. From top end to budget and everything in between. All our laminate flooring is easy to fit and comes guaranteed to last. Available in a variety of tones, thicknesses and designs, fitting laminate flooring has never been easier. Most laminate floors are relatively easy to fit together using a jigsaw-like a click system. We have every colour and pattern with matching beading and all the accessories and underlay you need! Because of our wholesale price you won't find laminate flooring cheaper anywhere else!

Our laminate flooring is resistant to scratches and the pressure from heavy objects such as dining room tables. Scorch marks are also protected, as well as being a suitable flooring type for stiletto heels and small children. The construction of laminate is not only budget friendly, but it has been engineered to have a ‘wear layer’ that helps prevent against scratches, dents, fading and stains. The perfect flooring for busy, high traffic areas and households with pets and children. It also has Little to no maintenance. It is a really easy surface to look after and keep looking in top condition all year round.

Laminate Flooring Wholesalers in North Wales.