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Artificial Grass North Wales.

Largest stocks of artificial grass available for next day delivery.

We have North Wales biggest stock of Artificial grass! Our long life, high quality diverse collection of artificial grass is suitable for a range of different surfaces, transforming any outdoor or indoor space into an extremely low maintenance area whilst looking effective, well maintained and contemporary all year round. Our wholesale prices will mean you are guaranteed to get the best price. We have all different pile height from 25mm, 30mm, 35mm & 40mm. Whatever you are looking for we will have. Artificial grass is lower maintenance so you can ditch your mower and forget about watering, weeding, fertilising and mowing your lawn. The only general maintenance that is required of you is to clear off occasional leaves, particularly during Autumn, and give it a little brush to keep it looking its best.

Visit us in our warehouse for immediate pick up or call us for next day delivery.

Artificial Grass Wholesalers in North Wales.